Frequently Asked Questions
From the December 8th Vermont Manchester Community Workshop

1. Do we have to complete training before being able to work on this site? What if we don’t complete training by the time the site is complete?

The project construction is scheduled to start in the second half of 2022 and will take (24) months to build. There is still time to complete training. Those with 3+ years of verifiable, professional construction experience may be able to qualify for sponsorship into the union as a late period apprentice or journeyman and should register for opportunities via Vernon-Central/LATTC Worksource Center. All others should complete CRCD’s MC3 Apprenticeship Readiness Training to qualify, to get connected please attend an orientation at the Vernon-Central/LATTC WorkSource Center.

2. How long is the training process?

The MC3 Apprenticeship Readiness Training, approved by the LA/OC Building Trades & Construction Council to prepare for local Apprenticeship Pathways, is 6 weeks long. The training is being offered by CRCD and you can get connected by attending an orientation at the Vernon-Central/LATTC WorkSource Center.

3. I'm a union carpenter apprentice local 213. Who is hiring at the Evermont project. I'm ready to work now?
Please register with the Vernon-Central/LATTC Worksource Center and send your resume to our jobs coordinator, Los Angeles Housing Compliance x Power2Workers: [email protected] to ensure your information is on file and that you are Ready to Dispatch to the site once the work begins, in the second half of 2022.
4. Is there non-union apprenticeship training and programs connected to Local Hiring generally and specifically on this project?
Evermont is covered by a County of Los Angeles Community Workforce Agreement. All positions onsite will be union apprenticeship and/or journeymen positions. Training is available via CRCD’s MC3 Apprenticeship Readiness Training. Union apprentices, journeymen and experienced construction workers should register for opportunities via the Vernon-Central/LATTC Worksource Center.
5. How do we become a general contractor?

As is the case with starting any business, you want to know the work before you start a business in it. General Contractors must be generally familiar with all trades based on the type of construction they are performing. There is no best trade to start from. If you are interested in becoming a general contractor and live in LA City, please contact Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation www.vsedc.org for resources.

6. Is there a newsletter to sign up for to receive housing and other updates?
Yes, please sign up for updates at https://evermontsouthla.com
7. I do junk hauling and transport bulky items. Do you have work for my type of services?
Anyone performing labor onsite is required to hold a Contractors State License. Please check out the CSLB Website here to learn how to apply: https://www.cslb.ca.gov/Contractors/Applicants/ Licensed contractors can connect with the general contractor regarding potential opportunities.
8. I received my Flaggers Certification around two months ago. Unfortunately, it was only temporary work. I am looking for work in that field. How do I apply?
Typically, subcontractors onsite have their general workers (usually apprentices) performing flagging duty as it is necessary. It is suggested to join an apprenticeship program such as Laborers Local 300 to learn the various tasks onsite, including flagging.
9. How many apprenticeship positions and hours are estimated for the Evermont?
This information will be available once a General Contractor is selected and all required Employment Hiring Plans have been submitted by subcontractors.
10. How many journeyman positions and hours are estimated for the Evermont?
This information will be available once a General Contractor is selected and all required Employment Hiring Plans have been submitted by subcontractors.
11. Do you need a covid-19 vaccine to work on this site?
Covid-19 Vaccines are not required to work at this site.
12. What defines a Targeted Worker?

Per Section 1.22 of the LA County Community Workforce Agreement, the following criteria will be used to identify a Targeted Worker:

  • Has a documented annual income at or below 100% of the Federal Poverty Level
  • Has no high school diploma or GED
  • Has a history of involvement with the criminal justice system
  • Is experiencing protracted unemployment
  • Is a current recipient of government cash or assistance benefits
  • Is homeless or has been homeless within the last year
  • Is a custodial single parent
  • Is a former foster youth
  • Is a veteran
  • Is an eligible migrant and seasonal farm worker
  • Is a current English language learner
  • Is an older individual (55+)
  • Is disabled
  • Is an individual with a low level of literacy

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