Frequently Asked Questions
From the October 28th Vermont Manchester Community Workshop

1. Other than the supermarket, what other types of retail will be targeted?

Unfortunately, we do not have a lot of retail programmed for this project. The retail component is limited. We are hoping to attract a local community coffee shop, a sit-down restaurant, or quick serve restaurants. We are working to find a grocer that may have a pharmacy component within their store.

2. With the percentage of homeowners so low in Vermont Knolls, was there any thought about growing that number by creating some affordable homeownership opportunities in this development?

The development parameters from the County of Los Angeles require affordable rental housing.

3. What mental health resources will you be providing?

The Department of Mental Health will identify a specific provider. For Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) units, the Department of Mental Health assigns a mental health provider for residents who do not have a mental health provider.

4. How big is a family unit?

One-, two-, and three-bedroom units range from 600 – 1,200 square feet.

5. When do you expect to get your certificate of occupancy?

Third Quarter 2023. This is subject to change based on the final construction schedule.

6. Can you share your AHSC benefits?

We were awarded $14 million in loans and program grants for the residential components. There are additional benefits for the surrounding community through $6 million in grant funding to install bus shelters and high visibility crosswalks, improve bus stop lighting, urban greening, repair and replace sidewalks, new traffic signals, and new pedestrian signals and leading pedestrian intervals, among other capital projects.

7. What is the difference in your blue and black-listed sources?

The committed sources are blue. The sources uncommitted as of the presentation are black.

8. Are there going to be transit vouchers for residents?

Yes, discounted passes will be available for at least 3 years.

9. Who is going to be the service provider?

CRCD is the service provider.

10. Since it seems like you have many unsecured financial sources, will you be looking into perhaps accessing some sources that would allow for lower rents? Why would you not be asking for more?

We are not looking at applying for other sources of affordable housing funding. The mix we have received and/or expect to receive will allow us to build the project in a timely manner.

11. Why will you not be asking for additional funding sources? Can you send the award letters for the public funds that you were awarded?

We are not asking for additional funding sources to lower the rents because the proposed sources are sufficient to build the housing components and there are limited funding sources. Delays seeking additional funding to lower the income of the units would likely result in losing currently committed funding. We will not be sharing the award letters.

12. What AHSC round the senior project was awarded in?

Round 4. The entire development was awarded funding in Round 4. The senior did not apply separately.

13. What banks and foundations benefit the SEED School?

Chase Bank for investment lending and direct loan. Some of the foundations include: The Parsons Foundation, California Community Foundation, Weingart Foundation, Bannerman Foundation, and the Natasha & Brandon Beck Foundation.

14. What are the prospective retail stores?
Targeting anyone who has quality produce. We are speaking to the entire industry such as Trader Joe’s, Northgate, Target, Aldi, Smart & Final, non-profit grocers, Co-Ops, Stater Brothers, Ralph’s, Food4Less, Mendocino Farms, Superior, El Super, etc.
15. Who do we submit info for prospective retail stores?
16. When prospective tenants are approached, what type of information do you provide? For example, median area income density?

Primarily we provide data on demographics and density. Our underserved communities have less competition than over built neighborhoods do, which is why we try to educate the tenant community that they can have higher sales in our communities versus more affluent areas. We educate them on why they should be investing and hiring locally.

17. Will you post the data sheets for the homeless count?
Data sheets for the homeless count will be posted.
18. Will there be wraparound services on the property?

Yes, for residents there will be services through case management for residents to address their needs.

19. Will there be wraparound service providers providing services on the property? For example, 12 Step classes and Transitional AG classes or will they be forced to attend such classes off property?

CRCD is the primary service provider for the residents at the property for those in Permanent Supportive Housing. We will be providing intensive case management services. It is all about housing stability and helping folks to create individual goals. We will meet each resident on our caseloads on at least a monthly basis. Case managers will meet on a weekly basis. The range of classes will be based on specific needs and goals identified by the individual resident. One on one life skills coaching, connection to employment services, soft skills, job training, employment placement and linkages to mental health. As much as possible we offer services on the property. It is unlikely that residents will need to go elsewhere to receive these services.

20. When and how will you begin the process of selecting tenants and what are the qualifications?

The tenant selection, marketing, and leasing plans have not been completed. They will be finalized in coordination with the City of Los Angeles and County of Los Angeles. We typically begin the lease up process 6 months prior to occupancy. The Permanent Supportive Housing units, the entire senior component and 30 units in the family component, will be selected through a coordinated entry system in conjunction with the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority. We will have workshops prior to the application period to cover the application process and necessary qualifications.

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