Frequently Asked Questions
From the November 18th Vermont Manchester Community Workshop

1. How will the school move forward with hiring?

We hired Agility, a search firm to hire Head of School by July 1, 2021 and Director Admission & Outreach by September 2021. The other staff in 2022 closer to school opening.

2. Will there be a way for the community to meet those who will be hired?

We have extended an invitation to some folks to participate on the assessment the recruitment firm has done to get a sense of what the community is looking for and we intend to include a search committee that will include people from the community.

3. Has the search been public?

No, it has not been public yet.

4. What is your outreach strategy regarding local hiring for the school?

We will have a recruitment plan for different positions for the school. There are 3 Third party vendor contracts the school will issue for food service, maintenance services, and security services around January 2023. 

5. What is the percentage of local students to be served?

50% of local students to be served.

6. How many dorm rooms in the SEED school?

 170 dorm rooms will accommodate up to 400 students.

7. Do the students have any say in who they will dorm with?

Not sure but will follow up.

8. What are the criteria for a student to apply?

No criteria other than live in the state of California.

9. Is there a targeted population?

We are targeting in the Vermont Manchester area Department of Family Services’ system and foster care system.

10. Is this school targeted for foster youth?

There is a preference for foster care students, but not only foster care students.

11. Will you have wrap around services tied to the boarding school?

Yes, there will be a 24 hour/5 day a week engagement and 8am-4pm wrap around services including programming supplemental education, tutoring, and extracurricular activity and evening student counselor and resident advisors.

12. How does one apply for housing?

The tenant selection, marketing, and leasing plans have not been completed. They will be finalized in coordination with the City of Los Angeles and County of Los Angeles. We typically begin the lease up process 6 months prior to occupancy. The Permanent Supportive Housing units, the entire senior component and 30 units in the family component, will be selected through a coordinated entry system in conjunction with the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority. We will have workshops prior to the application period to cover the application process and necessary qualifications.

13. How many units in the housing complex?

180 units total with 62 units on the senior side and 118 on the general affordable side.

14. Will county certified Minority/Women businesses be given priority consideration?

Yes, we as an MBE development company ourselves are sensitive to this and will be focused on making sure MBE, SBE, DBE and WBE businesses are given extra attention and consideration.

15. Is there an average cost for office space?

We do not offer office space.

16. What is the cost per square foot for retail space?

We have a Pro Forma that was submitted to the county which we have to adhere to and need to make sure we are achieving market rate rents. Market rates for anchors are in the neighborhood of $1.50 per sq. ft., the out-pads $4 to $5 per sq. ft., and quick service restaurants and retail shops are in the neighborhood of $3.50-$4.50 per sq. ft.

17. Is there the ability to accommodate a sit down restaurant and a coffee shop?

Yes, we would like to separately accommodate both.

18. Can you share an update on Supermarket Co-op outreach?

Supermarket Co-op just purchased a space on Crenshaw. We are checking to see if they would be interested in a second location and it has not yet been determined.

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