Frequently Asked Questions
From the August 26th Vermont Manchester Community Workshop

1. Will housing units be permanently affordable?

The housing units will be affordable as long as BRIDGE and CRCD are part of the ownership team for the housing. There will be regulatory agreements requiring affordability for at least 55 years.

2. Will housing applications open to residents in District 8 first?

The housing plan has not been determined at this point. We expect there will be local preference for some, and potentially the majority, of the units.

3. Will the affordable housing development offer residents an outdoor space within the development?

Yes, we believe that outdoor community space is a beneficial amenity to create for residents.

4. How many one, two, and three-bedroom units are there?

The development will have 180 units. There will be 62 senior permanent supportive housing units and 118 affordable housing units. There are 60 – 1-bedroom units and 2- 2-bedroom managers’ units in the senior component. There are 35- 1-bedroom units, 59 – 2-bedroom units and 24- 3-bedroom units (including 2 managers units) in the general affordable component.

5. Are there any plans for open space/landscaping around the site?

Yes, we believe that open space and landscaping are beneficial for residents as well as the surrounding community.

6. Will there be affordable and senior housing for residents of South Central?

All 180 units are affordable housing. There are 62 units for seniors and 118 units for additional households.

7. Who is the full grocery operator?

Speaking to grocers to attract them to the project. Looking for full service produce based grocer that the community can be proud of. The community has brought up the concept of having a Co-Op as the grocer.

8. What is the plan to support small businesses?

To include some form of entrepreneurial retail and community retail. We will partner with a local Business Source Center to provide supportive services for local business/entrepreneurs. Tenant Improvement Allowances will be available to provide assistance with buildout.

9. Will there be a LAPD or Sherriff office on site?

No. There will not be a police substation here.

10. Will there be green space within the housing development?


11. Is the RFP agreement the same as Jordan Downs?

No. It is 100% different. Jordan Downs is under the jurisdiction of the city of Los Angeles and this project is under the jurisdiction of the county of Los Angeles. Similarly, they are ground lease structures the public owns the land while we own the improvements for a limited period.

12. How will the café be determined?

It will be a community serving coffee shop.

13. What is the cost to students should they be accepted into the boarding school?

No cost. Room and board are free.

14. Will the students be provided nutritious meals?

Yes. Students will be provided 3 meals a day and snacks. Additionally, the students will learn about nutritious eating and cooking. There will be a food service coordinator.

15. Can Seed commit to having local educators, parents, and relevant professional service providers as part of the decision-making body for hire?

There will be a process for obtaining input and assistance with outreach for staffing. We have begun making connections with different organizations in the community and throughout the county. Curriculum development will primarily be geared towards college preparation and based on the State of California’s A-G standards along with other requirement of the school’s Authorizer, LACOE. It will also include content that meets the objective of SEED LA’s partnership with LA Metro to focus on career opportunities in transportation.

16. How much will the Seed school focus recruiting in the Vermont Manchester community vs. county wide?

SEED LA’s goal is to achieve 50% enrollment of residents in the Vermont Manchester community. Residency in the Vermont Manchester and surrounding South LA Neighborhoods was listed as weighted priority in the charter petition.

17. What is the deadline for RFP’s for the Seed School?

Oct. 9, 2020.

18. What is the target population for students?

Students who are homeless or housing insecure, have interacted with the Department of Children and Family Services, have had contact with the probation department have family members incarcerated or foster youth.

19. How is the curriculum being decided on?

The curriculum will have a STEM focus and an emphasis career and college pathways in the transportation and infrastructure industry. Development of the curriculum will be led by the SEED Foundation’s School Support Team.

20. What is Metro’s position of public safety?

At this time, the Training & Innovation Center project is still very early in its development and public safety have not yet been discussed.

21. What is Metro’s plan to go green?

LEED goal interior design and construction, solar panels, smart glass tinting, green wall system and building augmentation system that monitors HVAC and lighting. Placards will be placed around the training center to give overview for people to be educated on sustainable features about the space.

22. Will the Vermont BRT lines be 100% green?

All BRT lines will be serviced with Zero Emission Electric Buses.

23. Does Metro commit to having any police on the site?

At this time, the Training & Innovation Center project is still very early in its development and public safety has not yet been discussed.

24. Does Metro have similar training centers in the county?

No, this will be the first of its kind.

25. Will the Vermont Manchester Community Advisory Council include youth from South LA?

Yes. One of the 6 resident seats is specifically set aside for a young person, age 18-25.

26. If a stakeholder is not a member of one of the non-profits, church or a business, how can the general community stay informed?


27. Will there be “first source” hiring system to target job opportunities for local Residents?

It’s a requirement.

28. Who is the job coordinator for the local hiring?

PDA Consultants is the job coordinator for the school. The mixed-use project has not selected a job coordinator yet as hiring for the mixed-use project will not commence until 3rd Quarter 2021.

29. Can you commit to hiring local artist to create the artwork?

Yes. Please reach out to Leandro ([email protected]) if you have recommendations.

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